In-Depth Post #5: The Six Hats


Updates and Changes

Though I have still not found a mentor, Ms. Mulder has put me in contact with a teacher who has run half marathons before and may be able to meet with me to give me some advice on training. I think that I would really benefit from some advice from someone who has actually run a half marathon. Though I have read a book about training, it is not the same as getting advice from someone in person. Even though I have not had someone to mentor me in this process so far, I will hopefully have a mentor when I start the training program at Kinetic on April 29th. However, I am going to turn 16 very soon and may be able to begin training with the running room before that time by doing some drop-in classes. This may be beneficial and give me a better idea of what training with Kinetic will look like. I am looking forward to continue training and have found that the closest half-marathon event that I can attend is on June 11th; it is at Garry Point park in Steveston and the fee is only $15 all together.

Progress Report

Over the spring break I had more time to train and I think that I made a lot of progress. Having more time to train has really been helpful since I have to begin running longer distances now. Over the spring break I did two 10 km runs with times under 1 hour and 10 minutes. I am really proud of this accomplishment, and I can now see that doing speed training and hill training has helped me to be faster when I run longer distances as well. However, I also now know that I do need to work harder to build up my stamina and to keep a constant pace while running longer distances. Being back at school, it has been more difficult to find as much time to train as I would like. However, I hope that I can keep my good habits from the spring break on until the end of this year.

Difficulties / Goals

It has continued to be difficult to train without a mentor. I find that I don’t keep myself as accountable, and if I have questions about training, I have to find ways to answer the questions myself. I hope that I can find a mentor where I will train with Kinetic. For the next few weeks, I want to make sure that I keep myself accountable and make time to run and train. This is the time of year when school gets a lot busier and more stressful, and part of the reason that I picked this in-depth project was because I knew that jogging could help me to de-stress. I think that by finding time to train, it will help me be more relaxed about school work while still making progress with my in-depth.

A Beautiful Mind

I really enjoyed the reading this week, I never thought to break down conversation by the six hat method; but I find that after reading about it, I think about the six hats in everyday conversations. To be productive, I think that it is really important to be on the same page and have a similar mindset as the person you are working with about the situation at hand. Using these “hats” can result in better more productive thinking, shorter and more productive meetings, as well as improved communication, collaboration and understanding. There are a lot of applications of the six hats, including in working with a mentor. Since I have not found a mentor, I will analyze a chain of e-mails with the running room when I asked them to train with them and identify the hats in the conversation. If you have not read Edward De Bono’s A Beautiful Mind below is a helpful graphic to understand what each of the six thinking hats mean.

Image result for de bono 6 hats


Dear Port Coquitlam Running Room,

(White Hat) I am Renee Boldut, a grade ten student at Gleneagle Secondary and I would like to take part in the Running Room marathon training program.  (Red hat) I would like to take part in the marathon training and will be 16 on April 2nd but would like to start training as soon as possible. (Green hat) I was wondering if I would still be eligible with my age. (Yellow Hat) I have a five-month long in-depth study project where we get to cultivate or learn new skills in any field. I have chosen to train for a marathon to push myself physically and have already started training hard towards my goal. (Red hat) I would ideally like to run a marathon and I think that training with the Running Room would really help me. (Green hat) If I am not eligible, do you know of any other marathon training programs that I may qualify for with my age?

(Yellow hat) Thank you for your help and support, I really appreciate it. I hope to be in touch soon!

Hi Renee,

(Red hat) How fantastic that you are so keen on running! (White and black hat) For our running programs you will need to be 16 year old.  (Green hat) You could try the community centre or even your school about possible running programs- programs geared for your age.  Maybe a PE teacher/coach could advise you.  (Yellow hat) In a few years you will be good to go here and I would be happy to have you!


Manager Port Coquitlam Running Room


I think that this exercise was helpful to analyze my own thinking and communicating styles in conversation with others. I think that from this exercise I have learned that I rarely use the black hat, and that maybe I should learn to practice more critical judgment and caution in conversations. Voicing my negative opinions more often may help in areas of my life and may help me to come to solutions more quickly.

I hope that everyone’s in-depth projects are going well! From looking at everyone’s blogs, it seems like most people are having a lot of fun with this project and making the best of this opportunity! I cannot wait to see all of the final products at in-depth!


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  1. I look forward to your next post after you have met with Ms. Laurie Brookbank. Great use of the six hats (e-mail analysis) when you have not had a face to face conversation yet at any running room. Happy birthday. Enjoy the Oregon Coast this weekend! Hope you get a go for a good run on one of its beaches.


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